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Review: La Caminera

La Caminera    Mexico City is one of the largest cities on Earth, and the only place in Mexico I’ve ever been where the people ever move faster than a sturry*. It’s not particularly pleasant but there’s certainly a lot going on.
    Which is a good description for the artesanal beer La Caminera, a dark porter. It puts me in mind of Thanos: A complex taste that seems to grapple your tongue, filling your senses before dissolving into a sour aftertaste, and ultimately disappointment at the way it all ends. My wife said she thought it had a chocolate flavour, but I didn’t get that… when poured it gives moderately good head, but it’s not creamy at all. It’s got 6% alcohol, so it’s not a complete waste of time.
    So this is not my style of beer, but it does seem well made – I would suggest it for people who want a dark beer but not a rich creamy taste.

* A sturry is that shuffling run that people launch into to make it look like they’re moving faster when in fact their speed hasn’t increased one iota.

Lady Thanos cosplay by Contagious Media