Monthly Archives: January 2016

Not A New Year’s Resolution, Just a Sensible Plan

I’ve been thinking about how to approach my writing in the coming years. My instinct was to draft a New Year’s Resolution for this year of our Lord 2016 along the lines of “write 30,000 words a month” or “get 12 rejection letters” (because you can’t control getting published, but you can control how much you submit).

However… last year I did a Short Story Writing Course, and it drove home something that I had thought was just me, but turns out to be a general thing, namely that the editing process takes a hell of a lot more time than the writing process. I can write a lot of words fast, and generally they’re pretty good, but then there’s the long slow process of editing the first draft, and the second draft, and the third draft….and the fourth draft. And then you get someone else to look at it and they point out a lot of problems you missed, so you rewrite it…

To get to the point in the third paragraph, I needed a goal that included editing and not just writing. So I’ve decided to set a goal of 80 hours each month on my wordsmithing – including writing, editing, submitting, marketing, workshopping, making covers, and everything else. This works out at a bit under four hours every weekday, which seems entirely reasonable, even with three kids and the occasional narco-atrocity.

Regular readers of my blog* will know that last year I did The Brainery Short Fiction Workshop, and I got quite a lot out of it. Enough that I signed up to The Brainery Online Novel Workshop. My hope is to learn how to recognise when a novel is ready to publish, and how to get it there when it’s not. If you want to join me there’s only three spots left. At the least you’ll get some very decent feedback on your completed manuscript…

* This is just a little note to myself.