Quintana Pearce was reading before he was talking. From childhood portal fantasies to epic science fiction, he found that escaping into a fictional world and imagining how he would behave in particular situations or strange places helped prepare him for the challenges and moral quandaries he faced in real life.

He studied biotechnology at university, the closest we can come to tinkering with the world the way authors do, and then studied journalism so he could talk about science rather than do all the boring stuff with pipettes and agitators. Then he moved to Mexico to marry his soul mate and attempt to adjust the world to the slightly more utopian vision that swims in his head.

Now Quintana writes speculative fiction, science fiction tales to explore reality through the consequences of technology, and fantasy tales to explore the extremes of what life may throw at him.

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  1. The Oddity Writer

    This bio was really fun to read and your work is really fun to read. Kudos and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I truly appreciate it!

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