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Landing Down Under

I left Mexico a week ago, and it seems like longer. The plan to get ready to move to Australia had a hiccough when my university told me the subjects I studied earlier in the decade can’t be used if they were finished more than five years ago, so if I start second semester 2016 they are valid, whereas if I wait until first semester 2017 I’ll lose them all.

So a couple of weeks later I’m here, near the bottom of Australia, trying to acclimatise to some unnaturally cold weather.

Despite more than a decade overseas, and moving to a different city within Australia, this place has the familiarity of home. The broad Australian accent, the frequent and insincere apologies, the rampaging “thank-yous”, the big sky and the brick houses and the smörgåsbord of international restaurants.
Pineapple Tim Tams
There are other things that I forgot about, and that I’ve gotten used to being missing. The footpaths are wide and flat and people actually use them. Whenever I paused to cross the road the cars would stop for no reason, and I’d think they were nuts but I’m impatient so I’d just walk… and then after the third time I realised the cars were stopping because of the pedestrian crossing I was on. Actually stopping at a pedestrian crossing.

There’s a lot I’m going to miss about Mexico, but it’s good to be home.