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Cross-Selling Yourself

In relation to what I posted yesterday about the removal of gatekeepers meaning that successful Indie creators will be those who are best at promoting themselves, I saw some advice from Raj Kotecha, the DJ. (The link is to a video).

Here's how I use pics of food on Facebook to make actual money.

Can you cross sell your own skill sets? The answer is Yes. Here's how I do it. Thanks to host Mikey Bharj Comedian.Please share if you know someone who could use this tip.

Basically, the idea is that by posting across various social media on things you like doing or are passionate about people who like those things will pay attention to you, and that puts your name in their mind. So when they look at posts on cooking by Raj the DJ, when they need a DJ they’ll think of Raj. So I thought of how I could apply that.

I did a video (below), but I’m a writer so I’ll write out my ideas as well, for those who prefer reading to listening.

Aside from writing, I also garden – I enjoy gardening. So, for example, on a recent afternoon I was looking after the kids, and I saw the Frangipani my wife is growing in a pot. A year ago she took a bit of Frangipani stem and stuck it in there, and the great thing about Frangipanis is that they’ll grow from a stem like that. And it was growing well, but I noticed that there were weeds growing in the pot, grass and some other plant, and they were crowding out the light from the Frangipani and sucking up all its nutrients. So I thought I’d pull them out, and I pulled out the one plant and threw it off the roof, but when I tried to pull out the grass I saw its roots were tangled around the roots of the Frangipani, and if I pulled out the grass I’d also pull out the Frangipani.
So instead I got some big shears to cut the grass, so that at least it would take less light and less nutrients. And I put the shears beside the Frangipani stem, and around the grass, so I could cut the grass without cutting my wife’s plant. And I went SNIP and cut the Frangipani clean off at the base. It just fell over, and the white bloodlike sap oozed out… I don’t even know how it was physically possible, because the blades were at the side of the plant, so maybe when I opened them the back of the blade sliced through the Frangipani, on the backswing as it were. But I stuck the bit I cut off in in a pot, and hopefully it will grow, and then my wife will have two Frangipanis.

So, that’s another string I have to my bow that I can use to promote myself. Gardening.